Dixie Desperados




Southern Country Rock n Roll



 Allan Lowe-lead singer and acoustic guitars

 Gregg McMillan-bass guitar and vocals

 Mike Chasteen-lead guitars and vocals

 Jeff Sims-lead guitars and vocals

 Steve Nelson-drums

James Young-keyboards and vocals
*Steve Nelson leaves the band and was replaced by:
Jim Milsaps-drums (temporary)
Robert Simpson-drums (permanent)
*Gregg McMillan leaves the band and was replaced by:
Bruce Bush-bass
Gregg McMillan rejoins on bass
*Jeff Sims leaves the band and was replaced by:
Bruce Parker-lead and slide guitars and vocals
Band splits up after a gig in Panama City Beach 
the band reforms as 5 piece lineup :
Allan Lowe, Mike Chasteen, Gregg McMillan,Bruce Parker and Robert Simpson
*Allan Lowe leaves the band
band drops "Dixie" and goes as "The Desperados"
Gregg McMillan, Mike Chasteen, Bruce Parker and Robert Simpson
1983-84 the band slits up

*Noteworthy: in 1982-83 Allan Lowe, Jeff Sims, Steve Nelson and Mike Turpin form as "Contender" playing locally in Gainesville. Ironically they are 3/5 the original band and have more of the original sound with Allan on vocals. At the same time Gregg McMillan, Mike Chasteen, Robert Simpson and Bruce Parker are continuing playing as "The Desperados" in a less "Country Rock" more "Rock" style.


 The original Band reunites for a New Years Eve gig at "Harmonica Joes".
*aside from re-uniting again for Jeff Young's wedding, the original band does not play together again until playing a set in 2000 at the Downtown Bo Diddley Plaza for a Christmas concert. After which the original band went in the studio to record "Dixie Desperados 1976-2001. 

 December 17, 2011

 Allan Lowe, Mike Chasteen, Gregg McMillan, Jeff Sims, James Young and Jim Milsaps reunite for Double Down Show 

 June 16, 2012: second show at Double Down Live

December 2013 - current: 
Allan Lowe, Mike Chasteen, Gregg McMillan, Jeff Sims and Jim Milsaps



STEVE NELSON... Rest in Peace Brother

Robert L. Simpson...Rest in Peace Brother

BRUCE PARKER...Rest in Peace Brother

Robert's obituary>http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1320&dat=20050220&id=YFJWAAAAIBAJ&sjid=T-wDAAAAIBAJ&pg=5971,4833976

STEVE's obituary  12/18/04http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=pv&GRid=90781487&PIpi=60647709